Why hire a space design agency?

Design by FG ​​Design Group

The space design agency creates made-to-measure products. She advises and supports you in your non-media communication strategy.

She is responsible for imagining, producing, installing and bringing your communication space to life according to your challenges and on different types of location.
Its objective: to stage your messages, your offer of products and services to guarantee a visual impact and effective communication with visitors before, during and after the event, while respecting your brand identity.
It also guarantees your commitment to sustainable development by offering eco-responsible and recyclable materials, low-consumption lighting, while taking care of waste management.
The space design agency also takes care of the animation of your exhibition spaces by offering content, interactive and digital animations, games, events, immersive experiences.

Before launching your call for applications, you can simply make a first appointment with your/a stand design agency to find out about their work habits and test a few ideas. 

First, and to save time, limit the number of agency consultations to three, four at the most.
Gather the documents of the consultation: a definition of the object, the characteristics and the conditions of execution of the market or the framework agreement. From these elements, the stand design agency will make a quantified recommendation in response to the specifications provided by the advertiser and taking into account its needs, expectations and budget.

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