What solutions for successful HR meetings?

HR meetings are strategic events for companies, unique opportunities to enhance their employer brand, to present their know-how.

It is necessary to pay particular attention to the presentation of the space to distinguish itself from other companies, to have a chance of attracting the best candidates. Recruitment operations (Forums, Job dating, Company events, etc.) are often concentrated in the same period of the year or organized simultaneously. They occupy a wide variety of spaces and formats, thus leaving a fairly short time for their organization. One of the keys to the success of these meetings lies in the preparation, management and layout of the meeting space. Here are some tips to enhance and optimize your HR meetings.

Promote your employer brand

The meeting space must be personalized, aesthetic and visible. The brand will be recognizable at first glance with a clear positioning. Well located, the meeting space will be at the heart of the event to benefit from maximum attendance. A beautiful space is not everything. The success of your event also requires good organization.

Optimize the organization of your HR meetings

Once the space has been defined, all that remains is to consider the organization and communication of these meetings. How to generate Talents traffic on the stand? How to manage appointments? Where to store and how to distribute the company's documentation? Should we provide goodies? How to process collected resumes? How to facilitate the assessment of these meetings and identify the successful candidates…?

So many questions to ask yourself (and much more) to succeed in your recruitments. Don't know where to start? Do not panic ! The FG Design Group is there to provide you with advice and solutions.

20 years of experience in the HR sector

The FG Design Group with its 20 years of experience in the HR sector supports companies such as BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION, ORANGE, SOCIETE GENERALE and many others, in the design and graphic approach of their stand space. But not only ! The FG DESIGN Group is positioned as a true market expert since it provides its expertise on best practices in the sector and offers solutions adapted to business challenges.

Indeed, more than an aesthetic layout, the Group has set up a complete and tailor-made support system with operational monitoring, interactive communication tools and a logistics management service. It also offers an offer called “Active Meetings Sport” for events organized by customers, which can take the form of sporting challenges or road shows.

HR meetings

HR becomes experiential  

Let's go even further by providing candidates with a memorable and positive experience. Goal ; conveying messages in an innovative way, offering modern tools, digital and interactive content, this is what the FG Design Group offers. Let's take the case of BNP Paribas to which, in response to its need to manage candidate queues and to better understand its businesses, we proposed a Business Mapping. This dedicated solution makes it possible to promote career opportunities, to provide a first level of information on the various professions of the banking group and encourages the candidate to cross the threshold of the stand to find out more.

Another scenario concerns the FAYAT company, whose challenge was to create buzz within the ESTP Forum, a strategic event for the Group in the identification and detection of future talent. The FG Design Group has proposed a Photobooth, a very user-friendly animation based on photography, which offers candidates the possibility of keeping track, a memory of their visit to the meeting space... And of sharing it on social networks . Success assured! Many other dynamic communication solutions can be imagined such as a Sharing Doc, a testimonial terminal, contest games, even augmented reality. With all these solutions you will bring HR into the era of experiential and it is guaranteed, you will no longer be able to miss the best talents!