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Distinguish between a virtual trade show and a virtual stand

A virtual fair is an online event. It can be organized by a company or by an event organizer who will bring together several visiting companies, speakers and exhibitors.

A virtual booth is a virtual space where your brand is presented. It can be stand-alone or located within a virtual living room. This is a 3D design. You can also reuse it for your next physical stand!

Innovation / virtual 3D stand / e-Stand / Digital / 

Innovation / virtual 3D stand / e-Stand / Digital / 

How does it happen ?

According to your specifications, we design your stand in 3D as for a physical stand. You will find your reception, your product/service demonstration areas, a discussion area, a conference area, an entertainment area. Each zone integrates the visuals of your product campaigns, services and screens, just like your physical stand.

It is then from the ultra-successful 3D visuals that we will create a digital version of your stand, available online and responsive.

*Advice*: Communicate Before, During and After the face-to-face show!!!

Create your virtual e-Stand a few months before your exhibition at a trade show, do a teaser, communicate ahead of the event! During the event, inform about what is happening on your stand in order to attract your prospects. And after the event, keep in touch!

The Pass Event will allow you to easily manage communication upstream and downstream of the show.

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