The keys to success for the layout of a showroom

Showroom set up by the FG Design Group for ERDF

The layout of a corporate showroom requires the use of experts so that the space enhances the brand and highlights the company's products, services and skills. In order to meet this requirement, its design and operation must be part of a global strategy. Back to the essential elements for an efficient showroom!

Showroom fitted out by FG ​​Design for Wicona

A company's showroom must be part of a long-term marketing and sales strategy in order to develop its business, its place in the market and generate new income. The showroom space is also conducive to network development and lead generation. To do this, the scenography immerses visitors in the brand's universe and transmits its values. The idea is to provide a unique and memorable experience.

The choices in terms of scenography, decoration and furniture contribute to creating an atmosphere that allows the brand to express itself and seduce the visitor. Opting for a space with a modular configuration allows you to adapt the showroom to the public and to the different types of visits. Beyond the aesthetic requirement, the layout must also be the setting for a value-added user experience to be effective. Imagining how to bring the space to life is an imperative right from the design stage.

Showroom set up by the FG Design Group for ERDF

Content and interactivity at the service of the user experience

Content is a key axis of the user experience. In order to highlight it optimally, interactive digital animations are recommended. They bring the space to life. The strategic dimension is once again at the heart of the reflection. It makes it possible to find the right balance between interactive, digital and human experience to deliver the messages.

It is welcome to select content at different reading levels, which can be adapted to the visitor's profile. Finally, keep in mind that content has a limited lifespan. The ideal is to anticipate their ephemeral aspect and to renew them in order to make the showroom attractive.

Events to bring a showroom to life

It is necessary from the beginning of the project, to consider how to make the showroom last over time. Events respond to this imperative. Opening the showroom space to differentiating events, such as concerts, workshops or networking meetings, is a solution to enhance it over time. Of course, the events hosted must be in line with the values ​​and brand of the company. This approach is also a lever for attracting new audiences and extending brand awareness.

corporate showroom guide cover

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