The FG Design Group supports the winner of the ENSAAMA design / export competition in Hong Kong!

A few months ago, the FG Design Group teams sponsored the ENSAAMA design/export competition.

Eight students took part and were supported by François Guarino, president of the FG Design Group, and some employees of the space design agency in their creative process. The idea was to propose a study project that would promote a typically French food product in China.

The Group's speakers guided and advised the students in their case study, particularly on the design aspects, but also on the approach to the Hong Kong market. The student had to imagine a brand universe (the brand, the logo and the packaging) and the space layout of the point of sale (the shop).

4 projects had been distinguished:

– 1st prize: Verger Normand (Calvados) = Damien BORDES
– 2nd prize: French vegetable garden (vegetable chips) = Edwin LANNI
– 3rd prize ex-aequo: André Darbois (Straw wine) = Maryline GUEZO
– 3rd prize ex-aequo: Francois Desserey (Poppy of Nemours) = Audrey LEBLANC

The adventure continues for Damien BORDES who won the first prize! Accompanied by François Guarino and certain collaborators of the DEPACK agency, a subsidiary of the Fg Design Group, he set off for Hong Kong to present his creation "Verger Normand" which honors Calvados: a logo reminiscent of the signs chinese symbolizing an apple tree, a reference to the famous alcohol as well as its shop at the heart of which we find a metaphor of the drop of Calvados flowing from the copper still during distillation.

A great adventure for this student of 3th year since he was able to present his work in the field and took the opportunity to visit the Art Basel contemporary art fair!