The FG Design Group renews its “start-up village” operation at Heavent Paris

In 2016, the FG Design Group innovated at Heavent Paris by creating the first "Start-up Village" called FG Smartlab! This year again, the space and event design agency is renewing its call for applications and inviting start-ups to exhibit at Heavent Paris!

The FG Design Group thus offers a springboard to young innovative French companies in the events sector. In addition to a promotion and meeting space, the agency will provide communication support.

FG Design Group Smart Lab

Discover the 4 selected start-ups:


FRENCHETOUCH© is a packaged digital solutions agency. It offers the technological and digital solutions necessary to create innovative interactive experiences in order to offer intense and unique events.


Orbis offers technological solutions in different branches of digital imaging and interactive installations. Based on the representation of an object or a person, the holographic process is applicable and offered on a variety of media: boxes, showcases and holographic scenes.


FUSED offers an IOT solution specifically for the event sector. No need for a paper badge anymore! Their solution connects all participants and makes it possible to exchange contacts by simple synchronization between two devices (e-badges).


ITTENTION technology makes it possible to automatically and instantly predict the visual attractiveness of any type of communication medium! ITTENTION has developed an algorithm, which automatically predicts the places that will attract human attention, on any type of medium.