The FG Design Group is ISO 20121 certified

The FG Design Group has just obtained the highest level in terms of certification: ISO 20121 certification and joins the 150 certified companies/global events such as the Rio Olympics, Cop 21 or Viparis.

This certification recognized in international level is a guide to best practices for controlling the social, economic and environmental impact from the design to the organization of events, stands, exhibition spaces, showrooms and concept stores that the Group creates.

This ISO 20121 certification confirms a long process, a commitment that began a few years ago. « For 40 years, we have been involved in a sustainable development approach and practice a responsible policy in the design of our events and our spaces. Our Sustainable Development Policy incorporates the values ​​of our corporate culture, namely humanity and creativity.

Values ​​put at the service of our customers, making it possible to guarantee a quality of service and attentiveness recognized by professionals in the sector and the Group's customers »

Says François Guarino, President of the FG Design Group.

Since 2007, the FG Design Group is committed to a sustainable development approach and CSR policy. This approach has been punctuated by certifications and rewarded achievements, with in 2014, obtaining the EcoVadis* Label, then in 2015 the Prestadd* label and finally in 2016 the ISO 20121 certification. This certification is part of the continuity of a dynamic. It aims to structure the Group's sustainable development approach and sets the company's strategic guidelines. The standard operates on a principle of continuous improvement. It is organized around three issues which are:


Transmit a legacy for the sector through better communication with stakeholders and the promotion of innovative and responsible solutions.

SOCIAL issues

Strengthen cohesion through better transmission of information internally and standardization of processes.


Reduce the environmental footprint by promoting the circular economy and pooling logistics flows.

The ISO 20121 standard also supports the development of the FG Design Group internationally.

The ISO 20121 certification was issued by SGS on November 9, 2016 and will be valid until November 8, 2019.

*EcoVadis : collaborative platform dedicated to the evaluation and improvement of Sustainable Development practices in purchasing processes.

*Prestadd:  sustainable development label dedicated to show and event service providers