The FG Design Group innovates with the Smart Lab at the Heavent Paris trade fair

For the first time, the FG Design Group offers a meeting and promotion space for innovative French startups in the event sector: the Smart Lab. Through this action, the Group offers a springboard to young talents and highlights new tools, services and products that will shape the events, exhibitions, fairs and shows of today and tomorrow.

The FG Design Group has therefore launched a call for applications to which around twenty start-ups have responded. 9 of them have been selected to highlight innovative projects in the service of events. The FG Design Group makes its Mix & Match modular space solution available to these young shoots (Stand L20-M21). They will each benefit from a dedicated space as well as a conference space to be able to pitch their solution in front of interested visitors.

This FG Design Group initiative will be repeated every year at the Heavent trade fair in order to highlight innovative startups in the event industry and breathe new life into the event industry.


Eooliz provides live Internet broadcasting of all types of events, with cutting-edge technology: 4K / Full HD compatibility, drones, multi-cast, dynamic broadcasting thanks to a control system. The cameras operate autonomously thanks to an independent solar power supply which provides sufficient energy for the transmission means: 4G key, encoder, camera.

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Itention develops predictive eye-tracking software to optimize creative print and digital processes. This makes it possible to check what catches the attention, the displacement of the gaze, the clarity of the message and to assess the impact of the communication. The offer consists of a web console for testing and analyzing the models, programming interfaces allowing access to the software, as well as expert study and consulting services.

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Eqwall is a platform dedicated to the animation of events. It facilitates exchanges between the different participants. The organizer can choose interactive services online, communicate with his audience, all from a computer. Moreover, the public can access the interface through the application or a URL link. All their reactions can be projected on screen.

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SoWhen? started its activity with the realization of special effects and synthetic images. Today, it also offers augmented reality and immersive experience solutions. The company sets itself apart through its strong mastery of new technologies and its constant curiosity. These services have enabled it, from its inception, to work on various projects such as advertisements, institutional films or event content in a wide variety of fields.

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Birdit offers a route optimization algorithm for dedicated long-distance transport. It pools existing data in order to offer relevant solutions. Its primary field of activity is moving, but it can also be used for transporting equipment during events or conferences.

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Eventtia is a cloud platform that brings together all the features that an event organizer needs. Specialized in business events, it allows you to manage the event from A to Z, from the management of on-site reception to the sending of mailings or online registration. The company will soon launch a new module: the event chat bot.

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Pocpic centralizes the public (social networks) and private (via Pocpic) content of an event published by the guests and broadcasts them live on a giant screen. Before the event, all you need to do is create a hashtag; the wall is customizable, and the photos can be downloaded after the event. The offer, suitable for both public and private events, offers up to 100% tailor-made services in terms of material and human resources.

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Wizemotion offers interactive video solutions. Through this system, there are many possibilities: user path that can be personalized according to choices, “on-demand” access to additional information, purchase of products directly from video campaigns, store locator, etc. From 1er semester 2017, it will allow the autonomous implementation of interactive campaigns, directly from a web interface.

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Swarmbird focuses its activity on livetweet in 3 steps: collect the views of editors in the field (contributors do not need a Twitter account to participate); Editing the livetweet by reordering and modifying the contributions (including adding multimedia content); and finally, the publication, monitoring and interaction of the livetweet in real time. At the end of the event, it is possible to archive it and save it in reporting tools.

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