The FG Design Group blows out its 40 candles at the Heavent show

For 40 years, the FG Design Group, a leader in the development of stand space and events, has been bringing experiences to its customers, whether they are design, digital or emotional.

Created in 1977, the FG Design Group was one of the first space agencies to use the word "design" for its creations and to bring a different approach to the stand and the event. Always evolving, the Group is now moving towards a hybridization of its businesses to better meet the expectations of its customers.

40 years of innovation

At the head of the company, François Guarino, a space design professional, is a trendsetter. It imparts an energy and a dynamic to the Group which encourages it to always innovate.

The Group was one of the first to introduce digital animations in the stand and decided 10 years ago to set up a dedicated team grouped under the entity FG Smart Interactive. After digital, the FG Smart Solutions division was created in 2013 to provide even better support to its customers around the world and to offer its role as a “facilitator”. Great encounters have given rise to new prospects for the Group. This is how, with the arrival of Depack design in 2015, the Group is strengthening itself internationally and in the luxury market. Finally, to give full meaning to meetings and events, the FG Smart Event department was officially created in 2014, bringing together the Maori and Territoires & co subsidiaries.

40 years of collaboration

First of all with customers… So many professional sectors covered, for which the group capitalizes on market expertise and know-how. His experience allows him to interpret the trends of his professional sectors and to propose a response (stand, event, concept store, showroom) as close as possible to the expectations of his customers. Then with the teams! For 40 years, the Group has relied on the expertise of its 170 employees in various agencies in France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and soon in Japan.

40 years of emotion

Give its customers a smart experience! This is the motto of the FG Design Group. Here, we are no longer talking about a stand or an event, but about bringing an experience to life, producing an emotional imprint on the customer. The challenge is certainly high, but it is worth it! To do this, all of the Group's departments (Design, Solutions, Interactive, Event) are mobilized.

Difficult to tell 40 years of beautiful stories in a few lines. The FG Design Group has selected some of them and brought them together in a journal which will be distributed during the Heavent Paris trade fair from November 14 to 16.

To discover the Journal FGDesign_Le_Journal_40ans-V