Territoires&co, THE “made in” Event brand FG design group

Metronum', Territoires&co show

An agency specializing in the creation, organization and production of BtoB fairs and forums on a national and international level, Territoires&co joined the FG Design Group in 2016. This strategic merger complements the event expertise of the FG Smart Event division.

Territoires&co, based in Bordeaux, has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Its business: the organization of events for professionals. It is in this capacity that it has just become a member of UNIMEV, the Union Française des Métiers de l'Événement, a professional organization representing all those involved in professional meetings.

Aymar de Blomac, founder of Territoires&co

The skills of Territoires&co are very extensive. The agency supports from A to Z the production and organization of trade fairs in sectors such as aeronautics, defence, digital, agri-food, green growth, innovation, etc. Its specified: produce exhibitions / Forum / Symposium. Territoires&co owns several events such as ADS-SHOW (aeronautics), Metro’num, (digital business meetings), New Aquitaine Business Fair (help with creation), 4DMIX (virtual & augmented reality exhibition in an industrial environment), etc.

This reconciliation allows Territories&co to broaden its range of services (scenography, stand design, technical production but also digital animations) and to the team FG Smart Event to integrate event production within its 7 other areas of expertise (Conferences, internal seminars, product launches, public events, etc.). This network of skills makes up a complementary global offer to our customers. A collaboration that promises great encounters… professional!