Retrospective 2017: The 4 best projects of the FG Design Group!

A look back at the 4 best projects carried out by the FG Design Group BUs: Smart Design, Smart Interactive, Smart Solutions and Smart Event, in 2017.

Airbus SIAE 2017 chalet digital space

Propel Airbus Group visitors into the future!

For the latest edition of the International Aeronautics and Space Show, the Airbus Group wanted to present its new products and embark its visitors in an innovative and futuristic space. The mission was entrusted to the “Smart Interactive” department of the FG Design Group, which digitized a 300 m² space within the 2540 m² Airbus Pavilion. The digital space of the Pavilion used the most innovative technologies and benefited from a unique scenography. This interactive space was equipped with a large screen 12 m long by 2,5 m high, a transparent screen, three virtual reality poles and an interaction zone with holograms.

The visitor could independently access this content. He could share live the life of the pavilion and its events and make the wall live alone, when there was no interaction. This original concept won the Grand Prix Heavent Paris 2017 for the best digital solution.

chalet Ariane Group SIAE 2017

Transcribe in volume a new brand identity: ARIANE GROUP

The latest edition of the International Aeronautics and Space Show was also an opportunity for the FG Design Group to support Airbus Safran Launchers in announcing its change of identity: the brand took the name of ARIANE GROUP. The stand design agency's teams designed two exhibition and reception areas: a 416 m² design and modular receptive chalet and a 90 m² interactive exhibition stand on which a floating 3D hologram revealed the new logo, a unique device. On the chalet, the design obviously highlighted the new identity; ARIANE GROUP, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The spaces have been designed to allow optimal modularity according to the events hosted: press conferences, meetings, etc. The stand, a space open to all visitors, underlined the high-tech aspect of the brand, thanks to all its digital animations. A successful bet for the FG Design Group, which had to transcribe the values ​​of ARIANE GROUP: innovation, modernity, high-tech and elegance.

Smart City stand EDF Group SMCL

The FG Design Group imagines a smart city stand for the EDF Group at the Salon des Maires.

In 2017, the FG Design Group responded to the EDF Group's new challenges, which were to present it and its know-how in an original way, while giving visibility to the subsidiaries. Another expectation is to bring the new “EDF energy solution” brand to life and roll it out in volume. The FG Design Group took up the challenge by offering an original project management solution. Indeed, the teams went to meet each subsidiary, thus discovering their products and the expectations of each one. From these interviews, a guide was born bringing together the presentations of the subsidiaries and the story of a new stand which took the form of a smart city tour. This innovative, vegetated 200 m² course was designed in an eco-district spirit, giving each subsidiary a place to present its expertise. This business stand met with great success at the last Salon des Maires.

2017 Skills Olympiad in Bordeaux

The final of the Skills Olympiad: the expression of the event know-how of the FG Design Group

In 2017, the FG Smart Event team was commissioned to organize the national final of the Trades Olympiad, which was held in Bordeaux. This large-scale event for the general public is a celebration of French trades and know-how. 700 young candidates, 60 professions were in competition for 3 days on a fitted out space of 35 m². The FG Smart Event teams were tasked with supporting New Aquitaine in organizing the event (advice, assistance, logistics, layout). They also imagined, staged and orchestrated the opening and closing ceremonies. The success of this event is also based on the involvement of 000 volunteers who have been made aware and supervised by the FG Smart Event teams.