Private events at the heart of the meeting: a look back at three innovative projects!

Private corporate events occupy an important place within the events sector. In 2017, the market represented 8,37 billion expenses, according to the Coach Omnium study. These highlights for companies are a way to highlight their brand image. FG Smart Event et maori, subsidiaries of the FG Design Group, strive to make its events vectors of emotional imprints for the employees or customers present. A look back at 3 events orchestrated by the FG Smart Event and Maori teams to create emotions that allow the anchoring in the memories of the messages conveyed by the brand.

Colas South West Agreement

The event serving the strategic ambitions of a group

FG Smart Event supported COLAS Sud-Ouest by providing event engineering for its convention bringing together 1 employees in March 300. The agency's teams proposed an approach that goes off the beaten track: making this event aimed at collaborators, a collaborative event! The convention was imagined in co-construction with a participative approach of the guests, they took up the challenge to make the whole opera house sing under the direction of the conductor Michel Podolak. Something to mark the spirits for this event, the aim of which was to mobilize on strategic orientations, to promote team cohesion and to raise awareness of the challenges to come for COLAS Sud-Ouest.

Escape game for the castle of La Roche Courbon

The adventure in the heart of a castle to create emotion

Gamification is taking an increasingly important place in the event industry. As such, the Escape Game has become a must for private events. Maori by FG ​​Smart Event La Rochelle thus created from scratch its first escape game for the Château de La Roche Courbon. The agency's teams created the scenarios and puzzles, proposed the decoration and trained the game masters. From this work was born a "castle game" in total immersion called "La Chambre du Marquis". A successful operation for Maori since the Château de La Roche Courbon wishes to give them carte blanche for another Escape Game, “La tour du temps” which opens next May.

Ice Night at So Event Bordeaux

The scenography, vector of wonder

The Salon SO EVENEMENTS, the meeting place for professional events made in the South-West, called on FG Smart Event to design its opening evening. The teams had to take care of the creation of the concept and the staging, the management of the guests and the coordination of the partners. In order to make it a highlight of the event, FG Smart Event has chosen to make this evening an “ICE NIGHT” by articulating it around the adventurer Evrard Wendenbaum, who explored Greenland. Those gathered for the occasion were able to admire a scenography recalling the magic of the snowy landscapes visited by the guest of honour. They were able to see and review the film of the exploration on the website: