The phygital at the service of the meeting

By integrating digital tools, the traditional physical meeting has been transformed to become a hybrid event that we designate today by the term phygital, the contraction of physical and digital. This new dimension of encounters represents a real opportunity for brands.

On an event, the phygital takes several forms. Digital animations are among the first digital devices to appear on stands or showrooms. They allow visitors to discover the brand's products or services interactively. Today, these animations mix several technologies in order to be always more attractive. For example, the thought revealer proposed by the FG Design Group mixes camera tracking and augmented reality.

However, digital solutions are above all a vector of the message transmitted by the brand. The content must be at the heart of the reflection of the phygital encounter. Whether it is broadcast within animations or on the web, in particular via social networks which constitute a communication channel in their own right. They make it possible to share the experience with the brand's community, thanks to the live available on several social networks, for example. They are also an opportunity to extend the meeting, to continue to make it live after the event. The contents must be adapted and neat.

the virtual stand offer is proposed by the FG Design Group

Finally, the meeting can quite simply have its virtual counterpart. A way to reach a larger number of people while bringing the experience offered to the physical place. The virtual stand device meets this demand. The platform allows the visitor to discover an identical replica of the physical stand and to access in a few clicks all the content offered by the brand on its stand. The visitor benefits from an interactive and personalized experience.