Our most beautiful meetings, animations, events and stands 2016!

Design by FG ​​Design Group

A year of projects, meetings, events has just passed. We have chosen to share with you our "best of 2016", to come back to our significant projects. We have selected them for their originality, their inventiveness or simply for their aesthetics.

In 2016, we digitized the encounter

Did you know ? The FG Design Group, space and event design agency, with its dedicated team of web and audiovisual professionals, digitizes the meeting. It develops specific content and brings your events, exhibition and meeting spaces into the virtual era. From the Interactive showroom, to the digital wall, to dedicated applications, the FG Smart Interactive team has imagined and developed many architectures and interactive animations this year that have turned your meetings upside down.

Showroom by FG ​​Design Group

Realization of an interactive showroom: a physical and digital place where GS1 standards and their applications are explained through an interactive experience.

Interactive showroom by Groupe FG Design

Integration of a digital wall in the entrance hall of the CAPITAL 8 business center. A project with an innovative, impactful and evolving system.

Game and virtual by Groupe Fg Design

Design and production of a virtual reality film with international football star Steve Mandanda.

EDF_252m2_World Nuclear Exhibition

Presentation of EDF's nuclear expertise through an interactive and innovative architecture: An interactive mural, and the creation of a dedicated interface.


Presentation of circular economy solutions by showing Veolia's commitments. This through a concept with a strong architecture bringing full visibility of the brand.

In 2016, we organized BtoB and general public meetings.

Did you know ? The FG Design Group imagines, designs and organizes national and international events. More than thirty experts, grouped under FG Smart Event design and orchestrate all the essential stages of your meetings: convention, creation of specific exhibitions, congresses, private parties, product launches, incentives and much more!


Organization of an international event bringing together more than 35 delegations. More than 50 visitors.


Organization of 3 days of convention for Bouygues Bâtiment IDF on 3 highlights. An operation that brought together more than 1000 employees during these 3 days.


Design and implementation of scenography of the ADS Show. A global work on the tents, stands and common areas and using large photo visuals of the 3 army corps. An event that brought together all of the biggest accounts in their field.


Beaujolais Nouveau launch: An impactful event with around fifty Beaujolais winegrowers who criss-crossed the capital in 2CVs, a “symbol of French tradition”, to promote the launch of the Beaujolais Nouveau cuvée. A colorful route in front of the main Parisian monuments!


MEDEF evening: During the Université Des Entreprises du Medef Gironde, we organized a gala dinner for the 1 entrepreneurs, political and economic decision-makers in the region. The objective of this unique and exceptional meeting is to exchange and multiply meetings between business leaders.

In 2016, we declined design in all its forms

Did you know ? Design is the “backbone” of the FG Design Group, and has been for 40 years! A design office made up of 30 experts in design, architecture, interior design, artistic direction, etc., imagines the trends of tomorrow. It pushes back the limits of creativity and creates settings for your meetings which will take the form of a stand, a showroom, a flagship, a lounge area, an event. Unique, aesthetic projects that will proudly carry the messages and colors of our customers while providing a memorable customer experience.

Shanghai Tang-Stand-02
AIRBUS Chalet 420 m² Singapore Airshow 3 (002)
AIRBUS_414m2_Airshow Singapore
SERVAIR_160m2_WTCE Hamburg
TECHNAL_127m2_Paris Fair

Here we are in 2017! We are ready for new stories, new encounters and above all new brand experiences, SMART EXPERIENCES that will make the difference.

Let's take part in this challenge together, challenge us!