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A CSR commitment, for the well-being of your employees

Office layout of your business improves the image of your company with your employees and also indirectly with your customers. The development of professional offices helps to strengthen the sense of belonging of employees to the company. It also promotes better exchanges between teams and therefore improves communication and the general atmosphere. A new professional office layout will also help you attract new talent. Office Design is an asset in the context of your CSR policy.

Professional in space planning, the FG Design Group is at your disposal to design, manufacture and carry out all types of permanent or temporary installations.

Interior architecture / CSR / health / well-being / friendliness / team /          

Interior architecture / CSR / health / well-being / friendliness / team /          


Our office and head office layout achievements

Also discover our layouts of pavilions and chalets, whose layouts will inspire you for the layout of your premises

Pavilions and chalets

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Specific offer "Distancing"

Arrange your work and reception spaces while respecting sanitary distancing. The FG Design group is able to offer you lightweight structures that can be very easily installed in your premises and then reused during your external operations.

Several KITS are at your disposal for:
• Promote barrier gestures
• Direct traffic
• Allow to change
• Partition your offices or open spaces

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SGS ISO 9001 certified

Our constructions are carried out with respect for the environment.

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