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You exhibit on several trade shows and you want to optimize your brand strategy ? The reusable modular stand will be the most suitable solution for you. It is designed to be stored and reassembled at several fairs and trade shows, whatever your exhibition area. Tailor-made or turnkey, the eco-modular stand adapts to your constraints and your challenges. The layout of eco-modular stands represents a suitable solution to recurring exhibition needs since they can be adapted to different stand surfaces. This offer is designed over time, choose a Trusted Partner !

Depending on the quality of the design, manufacture and assemblers, this type of stand can pay for itself in a few uses. Most of our carpentry stands are reassembled about 5 times a year and their structure can be kept ready for ten years, with, of course, an adaptation of the visuals to changes in the graphic charter. Other traditional modular stands, in particular those for our laboratory customers under a framework contract, are set up more than 40 times a year!
The key word for traditional modular stands is therefore the " Reuse ". And this key word is accompanied by its corollary notion of " Repair ».
Each time a traditional modular stand is returned, the equipment is inspected, repaired, or even reused on other stands or, depending on the condition, recycled to make other supports. Generally we reuse banks, bars, furniture, furniture acting as storage, locksmith arches, vases, spotlights, screens, benches, poufs, backlit logos, LED frames for background dressing, etc.

The layout of eco-modular stands is designed to adapt to different surfaces at the different shows and fairs you attend. The design of eco-modular stands requires knowledge of the materials and how to assemble them. We are at your disposal to explain the process to you!

eco-responsible / modular / reusable / customizable / design /                      

eco-responsible / modular / reusable / customizable / design /                      

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To "eco-design" a traditional modular stand, it is necessary to:
• Understand the project as a whole, the stand must be able to be dismantled and reassembled several times. It is therefore essential to take into account the ease of assembly / disassembly and modularity (different sizes of stands).
• Have solid knowledge of noble materials that can be disassembled and reassembled several times, while maintaining the solidity of the finished structure and a state of finish that requires a minimum of repair. The objective being to avoid remanufacturing.
• Identify the core area of ​​the mining area to reduce transport.

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