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What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse (from English metaverse, contraction of meta universe, that is to say meta-universe) is a fictional virtual world. The term is regularly used to describe a future version of the Internet where virtual, persistent and shared spaces are accessible via 3D interaction.

Imagine a global virtual universe in which you could do almost anything: see a concert, an exhibition of paintings, a museum, play with your friends, visit worlds which could be those of companies, exchange with people from all over the world, share ballads while having a avatar, go shopping in all the shops you want, buy, sell, with crypto-currencies or virtual currencies, etc.

Proposal of the FG Design Group

In the same way that our designers design your sales or work spaces in real life, they can completely create a sales or work space for the Metaverse !

Innovation / virtual 3D shop / e-shop / Digital / Metaverse /         

Innovation / virtual 3D shop / e-shop / Digital / Metaverse /         

How does it happen ?

According to your specifications, we design your shop, your offices in 3D as for a store or physical offices. You will find your reception, your product / service demonstration spaces, see even the fitting room 😉 for shops, or offices, the coffee machine, the meeting room for Office Design. Each zone integrates the visuals of your products, services and screens, like your store or your physical offices.

It is then from the ultra-successful 3D visuals that we will create a digital version of your shop or office, available online and responsive.


If you decide to redesign your real store, and you want to create this same store in the Metaverse, you can use the same plans and the same 3D! Which will be a definite gain.

But you can also decide to build a store or offices that are completely crazy and unrealizable in the real world!

*Tip*: You will obviously need to promote your store in the Metaverse.

Our FG Smart Interactive teams remain vigilant with regard to the development of this new medium in order to offer you the best promotional solutions in this universe.

Brief us

The success of each project being linked to the perfect understanding of your objectives, the 1st step is to discuss them