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From listening to your request to carrying out your project, the FG Smart Design teams support you at all stages: before, during and after the event!

Expertise / Experience / Know-how / Creativity / Innovation / Excellence /   

Expertise / Experience / Know-how / Creativity / Innovation / Excellence /   

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Strategic advice and recommendations

Listening / Understanding your challenges / Tailor-made support / Customer Satisfaction

The specialized sales representatives of the FG Design Group all have very good experience in areas of space planning and exhibition stands and are able to advise you on the best solutions for your challenges.

Listening to and understanding your issues are the bases of a project corresponding to your brand identity. They liaise with designers and project managers. Your satisfaction and loyalty are their goals. They are your trusted partners.

A sales representative is dedicated to your project: he supports you in promoting your brand, optimizing your activity and boosting your business.

Design & Design of spaces

Creativity / Innovation / Excellence

A multidisciplinary design office designs your projects and digitizes your spaces.

Since 1977, our architects, designers, trend-watchers, scenographers and decorators have been designing remarkable spaces. They adapt to all types of surface for any sector of activity. The expertise acquired allows them to work on all types of spaces to be fitted out and optimised: professional interior architecture, office or boutique layout, pop-up store or exhibition stand. They play with volumes, light and atmospheres in order to offer you a project that matches your brand image. They develop the project in the form of sketches (in pencil or on the computer) and offer you to validate a project in 3D.

Regularly rewarded, Creativity is their core business and Respect for the environment, their second Nature. Since 2007, they have been working on ecological stands.

Experts in digital marketing, customer experience, communication, advise and support you on the digitization of your meetings to offer your customers a unique and impactful experience of a phygital stand.
The approach is visitor-centric and the objective is to offer a Smart Experience to your visitors by enhancing the customer journey.

Production, Manufacturing, Installation and Layout of spaces

Efficiency / Reactivity

A production team in connection with the various craft trades brings your projects to life.

Production, manufacture of stands, installation, assembly and layout of spaces are technical trades that require professionals in the field. A major project may require up to 30 different trades (carpenters, electricians, etc.).

A production manager, in contact with the craftsmen, follows your project from the manufacture, to the assembly and dismantling of your stand.

Our partner craftsmen are renowned for the quality of their creations and are committed alongside us to a process of manufacturing eco-responsible stands.

Logistics, Storage of your stand


Tailor-made and packaged logistics solutions and an exclusive online platform are offered to facilitate and optimize your presence in France and abroad.

The ROI (Return Of Investment, return on investment, in French) is one of the essential elements that we must produce to our customers so that they continue to invest. 
Your dedicated sales representative will therefore advise you, according to your needs, on managing your presence at several events.

Several solutions to optimize your annual event strategy are available to you: design of your stand locally via our global network of experts, pooling of transport, use of an online inventory management platform, 5 m000 of storage spread over several cities at your disposal to host your eco-responsible, reusable stand, etc.

Services +

For more comfort, access all of our Services + regardless of the offer chosen.

Reinforced and tailor-made operational management

  • Negotiating your location
  • Management of technical orders
  • Management of your documentation and goodies
  • Organization of catering, hotel…

Design and writing of your visual communication

  • Graphic creation of your visuals
  • Writing your messages

Digitization of your space

  • Provision of interactive and digital animations
  • Creating Custom Dynamic Applications

One of the leading stand builders in France for the design and manufacture of high-end stands

44 yearsof experience
+300large-scale projects
5000 m2storage
90%Loyalty rate
????International interventions

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