HR forums, the keys to successful participation!

From fall to spring, recruitment forum season is in full swing. Schools then open their doors for a time of meeting and exchange between companies and young graduates. Companies present their activities and promote their employer brand in order to attract the talents of tomorrow. Clients and HR partners of the FG Design Group come back to the keys to a successful HR forum presence.

The stand of the Amadeus company fitted out by the FG Design Group

Amadeus, a world leader in cutting-edge technology solutions for the travel and tourism industry, has chosen to focus exclusively on recruitment by outsourcing complete logistics and operational management to HR Forums.

« We wanted to improve the candidate experience. The collaboration with the FG Design Group was smooth and transparent. summarizes Christine Manglano, in charge of relations with schools.

Groupe SEB stand fitted out by Groupe FG Design

Groupe SEB decided to review the design of its stand.

« We wanted a stand that looked like us: a place where we felt good, cozy ''like at home''. The objective was to build a real meeting place between students and Groupe SEB employees, all in a friendly atmosphere that encourages discussion! Depending on the type of forum (commerce or engineers), we have also adapted the products on the stand to better capture the different populations of students. For example, for engineering schools, we have exhibited “cut” or “transparent” products which make it possible to identify the components and the way in which the product works, this appeals more to the engineers! and it works rather well… Our new stand was a real success! It is a real satisfaction. recalls Marie Chenna, International Campus Manager.

The care given to the design of a space is one of the levers of differentiation for a company. Volume communication is a way to enhance the employer brand through a style that corresponds to it. Digital animations also have their role to play! The recruitment landscape has undergone transformations with the growing popularity of social networks, the emergence of collaborative platforms and the use of mobile. Mastering the codes and uses of its new tools is one of the keys to success for companies in order to attract talent and retain them.

« The EY company wanted to innovate on its visitor experience to stand out. We, Groupe FG Design, offered them a space architecture mixing technological innovation and digital animation. The EY Logo has been enhanced by a holographic process: the 3D-AIR hologram. We have also implemented an augmented reality animation, the Thought Revealer. It allows the visitor to visualize himself in front of a screen and see bubbles containing questions appear above his head, for example: “ EY is an audit firm but not only, may I explain? "Or" EY offers jobs in the digital world, oh? ". The principle is to encourage the candidates who pass in front of the stand to question themselves and seek answers from the EY ambassadors. explains John Begay, Business Development & Marketing for FG Smart Interactive.

Successfully participating in an HR forum, however, requires thoughtful work upstream and integrated into your business strategy.

Advance preparation necessary

For a company, several issues arise when they participate in this type of event.

« The primary objective is to meet young talents and attract the best. HR forums are also used to promote and test the employer brand. Finally, since a company that recruits is a company that is growing, it is a sign of its dynamism. underlines Pierre-Anne Coltat, HRD of the FG Design Group.

For the candidates, these highlights allow them to discuss with employees or discover professions with experts, to have an overview of the human being at the heart of the company.

The employer brand is an essential element in the recruitment process.

« It is important to work on your employer promise, which makes a company attractive to candidates. says Laurent Pernelle, expert consultant in employer brand strategy. " It must be defined in advance. This approach is part of a global “employer brand” reflection. The events dedicated to the meeting candidates/companies are an opportunity to shape it, to bring it to life ».

Employee training is also a key to success. Raising awareness of good HR practices is one of the important aspects of the recruitment strategy. It is in this context that Catherine Maignan, consultant trainer at DFD Consulting, intervenes by leading the teams to address the subject of disability.

« Bringing up the subjects of disability and quality of life at work is not so easy in companies! What company has not wondered how to evoke the prejudices linked to disability or the emotions to be managed in the context of stress! It is with the concept of the tree of prejudices that she intends to approach this subject within the company. "Because the quality of life at work is a question of links and of everyone's place in the company, in its difference, its variety, its specificity, its emotions and it is this sharing that creates performance, the he prejudice tree of the DFD agency makes it possible to initiate a rich discussion which will bear fruit. explains Catherine Maignan

prejudice tree

Finally, acquiring digital tools to improve the candidate experience facilitates the recruitment process. Altays publishes the CV dematerialization solution, MonForumDIgital. This type of solution reduces the waiting time on the stands and eliminates the processing of post forum CVs. The HR software publisher also offers a solution for presenting job offers in an attractive way, called MonForumRH.

« Digitization not only facilitates the processing of applications on the forums, but also enhances the human encounter on the stand between a recruiter and a candidate. explains Jean-Christophe Cicile, Commercial Director of Altays.

Well prepared, participation in HR forums can pay off to meet the talents of tomorrow!

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