How to choose the location of your stand at a trade show?


How to choose the most strategic location for your stand at a trade show?

Here are a few tips. First, get the floor plan from the organizer. To determine which location will be the most suitable, the most rewarding for your business, analyze several criteria.

Start by defining a strategy around the openings of the stand in relation to the main and secondary aisles. First, identify the so-called hot zones, and those called cold. A stand located near an intersection of aisles, near an entertainment area, a conference space or workshops will have a better chance of being noticed and visited. On the other hand, isolated areas, living room backgrounds or rest areas should be avoided. Also pay attention to the poles and the Armed Fire Faucet (RIA) on your site.

Same thing for the proximity to a restaurant that attracts nuisance. It is also interesting to find out about neighboring locations: leading companies in their market are "locomotives" that attract a lot of people and are therefore likely to attract new visitors to your stand. By taking a look at neighboring exhibitors, you will also know if your competitors are placed in your lap.
Finally, be in the starting blocks! The sooner you get there, the better your chance of getting the location best suited to your request. Awards are generally issued in order of arrival or by seniority. The organizer will suggest two or three spaces that you can submit to your space design agency who will advise you.
You can also entrust your stand design agency with choosing and negotiating your location. 
Digital technology to identify high traffic areas at a trade show

Innovative solutions are emerging to understand the flow of visitors to trade shows and make it easier to choose their location. Connected carpets, beacons, for example, make it possible to analyze the flow of visitors in real time. Thanks to these new digital tools, it is possible to better understand the areas of affluence and to evaluate and compare trends, aisle by aisle.

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