Because we believe in ENCOUNTERS!

We believe in Encounters as communication media.
We believe in its capacity to convey an emotion, foster a relation, further know and communicate with target clients, enhance team performances, and create a story.

Our business is to design physical and connected spaces for UNIQUE ENCOUNTERS. They may be EVENTS, STANDS, COMMERCIAL SPACES, SHOWROOMS…
Our aim is to make sure you live a memorable experience, a SMART EXPERIENCE!

Our 4 INTEGRATED EXPERTISES enable us to design and implement your brand spaces, immersive and interactive experiences, custom events and engineering export solutions.

Our expertise

Meaningful and valuable design is your way to communicate through space and it is part of our DNA.


Creator of emotional imprints, we give meaning to your events associating your message with spectacular artistic, cultural, entertaining, original, and creative moments, as always.


Because our mission is also combining the 3 core competencies, to guide and help you create your projects and designs, and enhancing your event strategy in France and worldwide.