Give an imprint to your spaces and your events with the FG Design Group

fg design group footprint campaign

Whether design, emotional, digital or international, the FG Design Group makes every effort to give an imprint to your stand spaces, showroom and your events. The Group is dedicated to communicating your brand.

designer footprint

A design imprint

Creators and agitators of meetings, the teams of the FG Design Group strive to imagine unique spaces giving a creative and design imprint to your communication in volume.

emotional imprint

An emotional imprint

Creator of emotional imprint, our goal is to imagine and organize unique events, with original concepts, which will leave a positive and memorable memory to your customers.

digital print

A fingerprint

Creator of interactive and digital content, we contribute to the digital footprint of your brand. We imagine tools to personalize the customer relationship, to make them live experiences and animate your communities.

international footprint

An international footprint

Creators of solutions, our teams support you all over the world in your stand projects so that you can leave your mark beyond our borders.

carbon footprint

No carbon footprint

Because we are ISO 20121, our teams have an eye on the carbon footprint of your events and your stands!