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Foldable, nomadic stand, or umbrella stand

Graphic stand, light, easy to use, and economical

Le foldable stand, also called nomadic stand ou Umbrella stand, is not very constraining and easy to handle and transportr.

For a stand of 2 12 to m² at a professional or general public exhibition, a roadshow, a one-off communication or to equip your sales force, you are autonomous and control your exhibition budget.

Discover our website dedicated to the offer of foldable stand, exhibition POS, umbrella stand, roll-up, totem, pop-up, kakemono, display, reception desk, document holder, outdoor product and outdoor signage, stand turnkey, large format signage, modular space solution...


Dress up your stand at a lower cost and communicate during your professional events! The umbrella stand is the ideal covering to increase your visibility at your trade shows.

graphic / light / easy to use / economical /                 

graphic / light / easy to use / economical /                 

Price of

Discover our realizations of foldable stands

Our realizations of foldable stands

SGS ISO 9001 certified

Reuse is preserving the environment!

😡 more than 95% of the supply of nomadic solutions comes from Asia and carried out in conditions that are not respectful of humans and the environment. In particular, they are transported by boat over thousands of kilometers before being used.

>> The FG Design Group seeks to source products made in Europe, to sustain quality equipment over time.

😡 You should also know that recycling for nomadic stands is more expensive because they require labor for dismantling due to the hardware it contains.

>> The FG Design Group therefore offers the recycling of your mobile equipment.

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