Because our mission is also guiding and helping you create your projects and designs, and enhancing your event strategy in France and worldwide.

The entire expertise of Group FG Design (Smart Design, Smart Event and Smart Interactive) is at your disposal to serve your professional meetings : Report, Creation, Design, Production, Manufacture, Operational and Logistics, Management, Piloting…

And to respond to specific needs of certain markets such as HEALTHCARE, AERONAUTICS, FINANCE, ENERGY, HR MEETINGS or even FAIR ORGANIZATION,
we make you dedicated offers.

You may benefit from our following services:

  • Key Accounts Department
  • Dedicated multidisciplinary teams covering all business aspects related to your events (Designer, Event project manager, Production Manager)
  • Proximity, whether the location of your event is in France or worldwide
  • Customized logistic solutions
  • 10 000 m ² of storage in 9 major cities of France
  • A unique on-line platform to pilot your activity
  • Global network of experts (carpenters, builders, technicians, sound engineers, printers, motion designer)
  • An engineering firm dedicated to the manufacturing concept of your design agency
  • Standardized and certified processes
  • Measuring devices for a guaranteed ROI
  • Significant levers of savings