FG SMART EVENT handles all the steps that are essential to the success of a business event.
This meticulous orchestration involves an essential understanding of what is at stake for the company and the implementation of a real event strategy.
Before, during, after, all stages of this complex process serve to promote good information to the right people.

FG SMART EVENT – Creator of emotional imprints – gives meaning to your events associating your message with spectacular artistic, cultural, entertaining, original, and creative moments, as always.

Event Scenography

Scenarize your values and your messages

Corporate and institutional event

Emphasize the core values of your company

Product launch and Roadshow

Place your products at the very heart of the event

Meeting – Congress Conference

Federate your audiences around your communication issues

Internal incentive seminary

Unite your teams around your company is DNA

Event and sports marketing

Associate your image with sport thanks to Active Meeting, first French network of sport clubs

General public event

Promote your brand and develop your notoriety

Design and production of forums & fairs

Place human encounter at the core of your strategy