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Creation, design, script and layout ephemeral or permanent, event or commercial spaces

Our team FG SMART DESIGN imagine, design, script and furnish ephemeral or permanent meeting spaces.

Spaces to receive, sell, exchange, exhibit, work, have fun.

Spaces to meet, live and share special moments.

Meeting places that are part of your overall communication strategy while meeting your commercial, marketing and communication, and CSR challenges.

To support you and meet your needs and desires, FG SMART DESIGN provides you with:

a multidisciplinary design office composed of designers, trendsetters, architects, scenographers, decorators, artistic directors, graphic designers, photographers… to give dimension to your communication while remaining faithful to your universe, your state of mind and your brand values.

a production team and specialized technicians for control of your project throughout the production chain.

Architect of ephemeral and perennial spaces / Creativity / Innovation /    

Architect of ephemeral and perennial spaces / Creativity / Innovation /    

Services offered

Interior design
perennial spaces


SGS ISO 9001 certified

Our constructions are carried out with respect for the environment.

The FG Design Group,pioneer of eco-design since 2005, follows the principles of thecircular economy, which often result in the reduction of materials, time, distances, risks and costs.

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