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Optimize their campaigns
and facilitate
your meetings

You participate in several events per year and you want optimize, make profitable and facilitate your trips?

Our job is to support you to create your projects but also to optimize your event strategy in France and around the world.

To meet the specific needs of certain markets such as HEALTHCARE, AERONAUTICS, FINANCE, ENERGY, HR MEETINGS or even SHOW ORGANIZATION, we have created dedicated service offers.

Advise you / Support you /            

Advise you / Support you /            

With FG SMART SOLUTIONS benefit from:

  • Dedicated multidisciplinary teams covering all trades related to your events
  • Logistics solutions tailor-made and packaged
  • Key Accounts Team dedicated experts selected to meet your needs
  • 5000 m2 of storage in 9 major cities of France
  • Exclusive unique online platform. An essential tool to manage and optimize your event activity
  • Global network of experts and specialized partners (carpenters, assemblers, printers, managers, sound engineers, motion designers, etc.)
  • Dedicated engineering office for the concept manufacturing of your design agency
  • Standardized and certified processes
  • Measuring tools for a guaranteed ROI and significant savings levers

Optimize and facilitate
your meetings in France
and abroad

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46 yearsof experience
+300large-scale projects per year
5000 m2 storage
90% fidelity rate
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