Organization of the Eco-Design Day

The FG Design Group is delighted to have organized Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the day "From eco-design, materials to creations" in partnership with the AMAT material library and l'ensaama school.

This day brought together more than 180 people: experts from thecircular economy, players in the sectorevent who move the lines, suppliers committed to a eco-responsible approach, a few company decision-makers concerned about their CSR and especially the next generation, a hundred design students, schools ensaama, Boulle et Maximilian Vox.

It was thought of as a passing of the baton between generations, an educational event for "the next generation" in order to promote know-how and specific expertise. et innovations, and share the challenges and opportunities, to involve and convince the younger generation of their usefulness in a real and lasting change of approach.

The morning was devoted to major topics of reflection and the afternoon to more pragmatic workshops which encouraged exchanges, ideas and the sharing of practices in order to find concrete solutions.

The workshops were oriented around 5 themes:

« Do more with less was the main creed, accompanied by the key words reuse et modularity !

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