Our CSR commitments

We are shaking up the codes but not nature

Our approach aims to reduce the ecological impact of our achievements by working on each of the possible levers from the reflection and design of your project in order to act in the global eco-design.
Our overall approach is part of a perspective of improvement keep on going thanks to actions that act in synergy and complementarity with each player in the event sector.

Choice of materials and technologies used
Reduction of volume and optimization of transport by promoting local manufacturing
Storage and Reuse
Waste management and treatment (recycling, circular economy)

eco-responsibility / eco-design / CSR / Respect for the environment /           

eco-responsibility / eco-design / CSR / Respect for the environment /           

Since 2007, the FG DESIGN Group is committed to a real CSR policy which is reflected in several labels and certifications.

Sustainable Development
by FG ​​Design Group

Our formula of the 5Rs of eco-design


the elements of your One Shot stand for your next trade show or for the layout of your showroom

the structure of the rental stands


broken material and reuse it on other stands


the material of your stand to make other supports

Rto educate

the volume of waste


We suggest that you carry out a carbon assessment of your ephemeral event. It will be produced by Design students, in collaboration with the AMAT Matériauxthèque association.

Eco-designed website

From our website to the delivery of your stand, our approach is
100% eco-responsible!

This website has been designed to limit CO2 emissions. We have simplified the content, optimized the information architecture (User Experience), made the choice to have less voluminous images and videos and chosen colors that consume less energy. At the code level, the “Lazy load” technique was used for images and media and a cache was set up; the whole allowing a more economical loading of resources.

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