FG Design Group, pioneer of eco-design

Concept of the 5Rs of eco-design
Concept of the 5Rs of eco-design

From 2005, the FG Design Group was the first stand builder to offer reusable stands with an aluminum structure and fabrics stretched with silicone rods.

In 2008,, the FG Design Group was partner of 1er Sustainable Planet fair and made the stand of the PSA Peugeot-Citroën group, for which the 1er prize in the Eco-Design category as part of the FFM2E Ephemeral Trophies was awarded to him.

At that time, PSA Peugeot-Citroën was the inventor of the diesel particulate filter and was promoting its low CO2 emission vehicles. He wanted an environmental approach in all his approaches and he called on the FG Design Group. The stand created was built on a floor of recycled tire granules, dyed in the mass, eco-designed materials and paper signs; PVC was banned from signage, which was itself printed with eco-sustainable processes, etc.

PSA Peugeot-Citroën stand - 1st prize in the Eco-Design category - FFM2E Ephemeral Trophies

This customer's will pushed us to commit to a more ethical voice and from there came the eco-design approach for the group's stands.

In 2012,, François Guarino supported Alain Masmondet in the creation of AMAT, the eco-responsible materials library for events, which offers a selection of products for eco-design. Since then, the group's designers regularly use this material library, whose quality products allow materials to be reused over a long period of time.

That same year, the FG Design Group designed a Eco-Event 100% eco-designed for the responsible investment brand BPCE “Mirova”. This included choosing the location of the event as close as possible to the client's premises (to avoid travel consuming CO2), transporting materials on carts (Yes Yes 😉); the choice of a floorless exhibition area, reusable partitions, visuals produced using eco-sustainable inks and recycled at the end of the event to be transformed, catering with an organic caterer!

Awarded again in 2014. (Nord Pas de Calais Region CRCI stand) then in 2019 (Mayors and Local Authorities Fair for the construction of the Véolia Environnement stand), the process of creating 98% reusable stands was underway. It was no longer just a question of designing with environmentally friendly materials, but also of reusing, recycling, repairing and even upcycling!

Stand CRCI Nord Pas de Calais Region - Eco-design trophy awarded by ADEME and Pollutec
Stand VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT – Fair for Mayors and Local Authorities

The 5 R Concept was born!!!

5R concept

  • Reuse the structure of rental stands or the elements of your One Shot stand for your next trade fair or for the layout of your showroom
  • To fix broken material and reuse it on other stands
  • To recycle the material of your stand to make other supports
  • Reduce the volume of waste
  • Reporting : We suggest that you carry out a carbon assessment of your ephemeral event. It will be produced by Design students, in collaboration with the AMAT Matériauxthèque association.

Discover the achievements of our modular ranges, of our reusable aluminum structures and our nomadic solutions !

In short, an eco-designed stand, we know how to do it, just ask 😉