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Store design, Shop layout, Retail, Concept store, Pop-up store

A sales area to your brand image

The layout of your shop, the layout of your store, is a real lever to develop your sales. Choice of materials, custom furniture incorporating lighting and new technologies to showcase your products, arouse the interest of visitors, seduce them and make them want to buy.

Thanks to the complementarity of our experts FG SMART DESIGN et FG SMART INTERACTIVE, specialized in the design and creation of ephemeral or sustainable sales spaces in France or abroad, our scenographers, designers and architects imagine spaces in your image, modern sales spaces, connected and respectful of the environment. , meeting the new expectations of today's consumers.

Interior design / Retail / Concept stores / Pop-up stores / Corner Shop /       

Interior design / Retail / Concept stores / Pop-up stores / Corner Shop /       

Discover our creations of shop fittings, pop-up stores

Our creations of shop fittings, pop-up stores

Layout of spaces
in supermarkets

Give a special atmosphere to a surface of your hypermarket or supermarket to highlight a product, a brand, an event.

SGS ISO 9001 certified

Our constructions are carried out with respect for the environment.

We work with sustainable and eco-friendly materials to minimize our carbon footprint. We favor recycled or recyclable materials and eco-responsible products to reduce our ecological impact. We are also mindful of the energy efficiency of our projects and seek to optimize the energy consumption of sales areas.

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Your showroom or your shop must be part of the long term with a real marketing and sales strategy. Events throughout the year to bring them to life!


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